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Hello this is Greg a.k.a. NYPrepper,

Welcome to the NYPrepper community, this website was created due to popularity of my youtube channel - NYPrepper.  Thanks to the support and donations from my Youtube subscribers I was able to create this website and am pleased to announce the unveiling of the NYPrepper website.  I was motivated to create this site because I wanted to create a place for my subscribers and viewers to exchange prepping and survival ideas and information outside of the YouTube platform.  Please feel free to join the forum and share your thoughts and information, just keep it clean.  If you notice I have a blog and articles section that I will maintain and post to as much as I can.  Also I will be unveiling the NYPrepper store at some point in 2020 where I will sell NYPrepper merchandise such as T-shirts and Coffee mugs.I decided to start a youtube channel in 2017 because I felt I had a lot of knowledge, expertise, and life experience to share with people to help them prepare for natural and man-made disasters.  We live in very uncertain times and many people have started "prepping" to prepare themselves for possible hard times.  I have been "prepping" since the 2008 collapse of the Financial system.  I have accumulated a lot of related skills over the course of my life including survival, hunting, shooting, gunsmithing, and hand-to-hand combat.  This website, like my Youtube channel is dedicated to helping people prepare for natural or man-made disasters and possible hard times coming.  Thanks for your support and I look forward to helping you prepare.

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NYPrepper Mission Statement

To help people across the world get physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for natural and man-made disasters and the coming hard times

To take a stand for truth, justice, liberty, and the American way

To be responsive to the needs of my subscribers, customers, and fans

To update my subscribers, fans, and customers of critical news that could affect their lives and provide my own analysis of what it really means

To do unto others as I would have done unto me

To continually strive to improve my Youtube channel, store, and this community 

To build meaningful relationships with my customers, subscribers and fans 

To always thank God for all of my success in life and blessings and to spread the word of God so people can discover the joy of having a relationship with Jesus Christ

Who is NYPrepper?



Thank you for visiting my website, I have been prepping seriously since the 2008 financial crisis where I witnessed how fragile our financial system was and all the backdoor dealing that helped bring about the crisis.  I became concerned with the bailouts and government takeover of private corporations like General Motors.  The rise in Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean aggression also became a serious concern to me when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and North Korea began aggressively developing their nuclear weapons.  These countries are enemies of the West and the United States and are building up their nuclear arsenals and weaponry at a rapid pace.  If the trend continues they will surpass the United States at some point in the future in terms of strategic nuclear weapons and overall military capability.  The threat of an EMP attack, nuclear attack, cyber attack, or biological/chemical attack from these nations is greater then ever before.  An EMP attack would totally wipe out our power grid and since most people don't have more than 2 weeks worth of food in their homes a country hit by an EMP would quickly descend into total chaos.  Western intelligence has confirmed that North Korea has developed "Super EMP" weapons that can generate a very strong EMP that would be able to affect even the most hardened EMP protected targets.  

I have personally experienced a few national and regional disasters where I have had to use my preps and skills, and have personally witnessed the way people and authorities behave during disasters.  These disasters include The 2004 Northeast Power outage,  Hurricane Sandy, the strong winters of 2010-2011, various other hurricanes/tropical storms that have caused catastrophic flooding in my area including Tropical Storm Lee, various severe thunderstorms and tornado's, and the current Coronavirus pandemic.  I have also experienced personal disasters such as job loss and being involved in many life threatening situations.  

I have worked 15 years in private security as a bouncer where I had to use physical force hundreds of times to defend myself, property, and other people while working in these environments.  I experienced how savage human beings can be and learned how to defend myself and control aggressive people. I have had knives pulled on me, punches thrown at me, been kicked, bitten, and even had purses swung at me.  This experience has given me a unique set of skills and experience in real world self defense situations.  I have been an avid hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman, and survivalist for over 20 years ever since I was a teenager.  I have spent a lot of time in deep wilderness areas across the Eastern United States especially in Upstate New York where I live, where I have honed my shooting, hunting, and survival skills.  I have 15+ years of shooting experience and hold concealed carry permits in various states.  I have expert knowledge of firearms and shooting especially long range precision shooting, and big bore rifles and revolvers.  I am also a former powerlifter and strongman with drug-free lifting records in the Deadlift and still take my physical fitness very serious.  

I live in "Upstate" New York and have lived in New York my entire life.  I have been to every corner of this state and explored most of the parks, forests, and wilderness area.  I am a strongly practicing Catholic and a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment.  I believe in a conservative libertarian government as envisioned by Ronald Reagan who I believe was the best president since Teddy Roosevelt.  I enjoy history and geopolitics including Cold War history, and military history especially World War 2 and all conflicts since then.  I also enjoy studying the unsolved mysteries and conspiracies of this world and universe including space, UFO's/Aliens, and Bigfoot.  I believe there is a lot that is kept secret from the general public by governments of the world including knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life and even communication with such life.  I also believe there are many types of advanced technology kept secret from the general public such as faster-than-light travel, cold fusion, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, cloaking, anti-gravity, and possibly even time travel.  It is my goal to use my platform to explore these mysteries and secrets and to help inform other people of the truth.