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Best Bug Out Locations in America: Safest Areas To Be After Society Collapses

What are the best places in the United States to bug out to or safest place to live? I explain in this article and on my youtube channel. Video below.


RED shaded areas are the BEST bug out areas or safest areas to live

ORANGE areas are the second best areas to bug out to or live in

YELLOW areas are the best areas to get to or live in if you cannot reach the orange or red areas

RED TRIANGLES represent MAJOR nuclear war targets:

-King's Bay, Georgia - Home of the atlantic fleet of America's nuclear armed Ohio-class submarines.

-Barksdale AFB, Louisiana - Home of USAF global strike command (air leg of the nuclear triad).

-Norfolk Naval base, Virginia - Home of America's Aircraft Carriers.

-Washington D.C. and surrounding areas - For obvious reasons, but also multiple targets including bases/bunkers such as Mt Weather, Raven Rock, Camp David, CIA HQ, NSA HQ, ODNI HQ, Fort Meade, Fort Detrick, and more.

-Cutler Naval Radio Station, Maine - VLF Radio transmitter for nuclear missile subs for the Atlantic fleet.

-Whiteman AFB, Missouri - Home of B-2 stealth bombers.

-Offutt AFB, Nebraska - Strategic Command, massive underground bunker where entire U.S. military is commanded from.

-Minot AFB, North Dakota - Home of 1/3 of the U.S. land leg of the nuclear triad, 150 missile silos spread out around the base.

-Malmstrom AFB, Montana - Home of 1/3 of the U.S. land leg of the nuclear triad, 150 missile silos spread out around the base.

-Warren AFB, Wyoming - Home of 1/3 of the U.S. land leg of the nuclear triad, 150 missile silos spread out around the base.

-Colorado Springs, Colorado - Multiple bases and bunkers in the area especially NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain.

-Bangor, Washington - Home of the pacific fleet of America's nuclear armed Ohio-class submarines.

-Pantex Plant, Texas - Nuclear missile assembly.

ORANGE triangles represent primary nuclear war targets, but not major ones

-Lawrence/Livermore National Labs, California - Major nuclear research facility, nuclear weapons research and exotic cutting edge energy.

-Area 51, Nevada - Top secret projects and possible recovered UFO's.

-Dugway Proving Ground, Utah - Basically Utah's area 51.

-Hill AFB, Utah - Nuclear warhead and missile assembly/disassembly.

-Idaho Falls National Labs, Idaho - Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons material research, experimental reactor.

-Hamilton Bio Lab, Montana - Level 4 Biological Warfare Lab.

-Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota - Home of B1-B Lancer strategic/tactical nuclear bombers.

-Los Alamos National Labs - Nuclear energy research. Nuclear weapons research. Exotic energy research.

-Dyess AFB, Texas - Home of B-52 nuclear capable bombers. This base is also used by B-2's, B1-B's, doomsday planes, and nuclear war command/control planes.

-Warner Robbins AFB, Georgia - Major air base.

-Fort Bragg, North Carolina - Home of U.S. Special Operations Command and Special Forces..

-Stony Brook, Long Island - Nuclear energy and weapons research. Particle accelerator.

-New London Naval Base, Connecticut - Largest attack sub base in the country.

RED STARS represent big cities and other points of interest that could be targeted in a nuclear war

-Southern California metropolis - LA, San Diego and surrounding areas.

-Hanford nuclear site - nuclear waste storage, could be targeted to contaminate the Columbia river and areas downstream.

-Yellowstone supervolcano - could be targeted to stimulate eruption or seismic event

-Chicago, Illinois - major city

-Eastern Texas big cities - Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and surrounding areas

-Orlando Florida - big city

-South Florida - big city

-Boston - important Northeastern city

-New York City - biggest city in the country

-Philadelphia - important Eastern city



The area shaded in red generally represents the Inter-mountain West region. Northern Arizona, Eastern Nevada, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Western Wyoming, Western Colorado, Northeastern New Mexico. This is the best area due to seclusion and lack of densely populated areas. The area is the least populated in the lower 48. It is seperated from the big West coast cities by inhospitable deserts, and very far from the Eastern U.S. big cities. This area is also heavily forested in many areas and lots of geographic barriers in the form of mountains and deserts. Notice Alaska and Hawaii are not shown, this is because Alaska and Hawaii are not very good because they are geographically isolated from the rest of the country. In the case of Alaska, the climate is extreme and only hardy individuals could survive SHTF there. In the case of Hawaii, there is no where to retreat to since you are stuck on an island surrounded by thousands of miles of shark infested ocean.


The areas shaded orange are second best to the red shaded areas they are: Northern parts of the Great Lakes states (Upper Penninsula and Northern Lower Penninsula, Northern Wisconsin, Northern Michigan), Ozark Mountains, Allegheny Plateau/Mountains of Pennsylvania, Cumberland Plateau, Big Horns and Black Hills in Wyoming and South Dakota. These areas are the best areas East of the Mississippi for the combination of forested hill country located in freedom states conducive to the prepping lifestyle while being far from nuclear war targets and big cities. These areas are also upwind from nuclear war targets. Their geography and/or climate create natural barriers from hordes of refugees from the big cities.


These areas are the least optimal, but still great options for people who cannot get to or live in the Orange or Red shaded areas. These areas are shaded yellow because they either lack seclusion or are too close to big cities and nuclear war targets. Another reason they are shaded yellow is because they might be secluded, but they are located in states that are anti-freedom. For example, Upsate New York and Northern New England are very secluded but they are not optimal because they are in states that are communist and totally anti-freedom, thus not conducive to prepping. Some states such as New York do not even allow citizens to own more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition or more than 5 firearms without a special permit. The same goes with Northern New England, which is very secluded but the states are hostile to preppers and freedom oriented people. New Hampshire is not good either because although it is free, it is surrounded by blue states. West Virginia and the southern Appalachians are yellow because they are too easily accessible to people living along the I-95 corridor via the coastal plains.

Video here:

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