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Hyper-focus on Coronavirus/COVID-19 is rampant, are we overlooking other threats?

I just wanted to bring to your attention that with this hyper-focus on the Coronavirus outbreak (SARS-CoV2, 2019 nCoV, novel coronavirus, COVID-19 or whatever other name they give it) we might be overlooking other threats. Yes this is a serious virus and it kills people and puts many people into hospitals on ventilators and life-support. However, the media is hyper-focusing on this virus and nothing besides virus related information can be found, which is funny because 4 months ago NO virus related information could be found on any of the mainstream media outlets here in North America. I remember in the beginning of the outbreak I was doing all of my research and getting information from sources such as UK Guardian and South China Morning Post because American mainstream media outlets were not covering the virus at all. Instead they were more focused on impeachment trials of President Trump and Russian collusion. People were dropping dead like flies in China and the entire country was locked down in martial law meanwhile all the MSM (mainstream media) could focus on was impeachment. Now that they have switched focus from impeachment to the virus they are pounding away at that 24/7 non stop. It's all about fear and ratings and finding out a way to blame Trump or republicans and to push their agenda of New World Order.

The bottom line is that we are so heavily focused on this virus right now that we are blind to other possible disasters both man-made or natural. As preppers we need to be vigilant to all types of threats and avoid hyper-focusing on any one particular threat. For example, yesterday there was a terrible wind storm in many parts of the Eastern United States that knocked out power to millions. However, most people were totally unaware this windstorm was coming and the media barely made any mention of it. The point here is you as a prepper need to proactively be maintaining awareness of the threats that are out there in the world. You can't rely on turning on your evening news everyday and "calling it a day." Check various sources for information on weather related events, space weather (solar flares, sunspots, etc.) - I like, USGS quake maps,, tune in to your local NOAA weather frequency - 162.475, check military news sources for information on foreign troop buildups and US military deployments or changes in military posture in different regions (Stars and Stripes is a good source).

I think now more then ever we need to be vigilant to the threat of a cyber attack because everyone is working from home during this pandemic, so taking out our "cyber-grid" now would affect our economy in a huge way. Also an EMP strike now would be catastrophic, we know that North Korea has "super-emp" weapons that are specialized nuclear warheads designed to generate a powerful EMP. It is theorized through Western intelligence that North Korea has placed EMP warheads on satellites and thus they are able to detonate an EMP any time they wish without risk of being intercepted. An EMP on top of a pandemic or pandemic caused depression would be catastrophic and cause a true SHTF situation that 90% of Americans would not prepared for, think of Mad Max or Book of Eli. Also, I think there is a threat of opportunistic military adventures by China, Russia, and Iran toward their neighbors during this time. Eastern Europe, Georgia, Ukraine, South China Sea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel could be attacked during this pandemic or in the coming months if there is a second wave/subsequent waves or global economic depression. The possibility of a nuclear war is still present, including a limited nuclear exchange which is survivable. Under previous presidential administrations of Clinton, Bush, and Obama our nuclear posture was weakened to the point where our strategic nuclear capabilities are well below Russian capabilities. The illusion of the cold war ending was created by the powers that be, and they have successfully brainwashed people into believing the cold war ended when really it did not. There is evidence to suggest that the Cold War was an engineered collapse by the Soviets only to re-emerge at a later time, which it now has re-emerged under Putin. Biological or chemical terrorism is also a very real threat in this day and age. As we head deeper into the unknown with this virus, there could also be WROL/EROL caused by economic depression and martial law. We have already seen the U.S. government taken over by FEMA as declared by President Trump when he declared the original National Emergency over Coronavirus back in March. So we are essentially in an emergency/martial law state right now. WROL (without rule of law) and a rise in violence may occur if there are food shortages, an economic depression, or just opportunistic criminals taking advantage of the situation. EROL (excessive rule of law) is a very real threat, especially if there are subsequent waves of the virus and if they are stronger and more deadly. We know the elites have wanted global domination for decades and this virus could give them that opportunity under the guise of "stopping the spread". We as Americans need to ask ourselves, how much will we tolerate? What is our threshold or line in the sand when we say enough is enough? You need to determine this for yourself as everyone has different situations in their life, but you can bet that there will be resistance to any kind of martial law in America. The question is, will you stand by and watch on your couch or stand up and join the fight for freedom?

If none of these things happen I would be happy, and it's likely that they won't. However, if these things are not a threat now they most certainly will be in the next 10-20 years as Russia and China continue to expand their military capabilities. China is growing their Nuclear Weapons stockpile and by the end of 2030 they will have thousands of nuclear warheads and ICBM's. They are also building a sizable air force and navy to catch up to us. Russia continues to modernize their military with hyper-sonic glide vehicles like the "Avangard", underwater intercontinental torpedo's that can carry nuclear warheads, and modernization of their air force. Russia continues to expand their icebreaker fleet and have been building new bases in the arctic. This may not sound like a real threat that they are building bases in the Arctic, but actually it is because they can invade North America by crossing over the Arctic or launch missiles over the Arctic. I forgot to mention Iran where they are perfecting their nuclear weapons program as well.

We need to make sure as preppers we continue to prep for all of the threats I outlined: cyber attack, EMP, nuclear exchange, regional wars, bio/chemical terrorism, pandemic caused depression, pandemic caused WROL, and pandemic caused EROL/medical martial law. In addition there is also the threat of sleeper cells being activated to attack our critical infrastructure. Don't hyper-focus on the virus and forget about the other threats that are still present. Just like many people got caught with their pants down by this virus, we need to make sure we are not caught with our pants down when one of these other threats materialize. God Bless and don't forget the three P's - prepare, practice, and persevere.

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